Tab Key

You can use the keyboard's TAB key to go to the next field. Shift+Tab will take you backwards through fields. To get fancy, if you want to "click" a button with your keyboard, tab to it and hit the shift key. 

Required / Optional fields

Required fields will have a red asterisk (*) next to the label. A required field is an item that MUST be filled out for the record to save. Leaving this field blank will result in an error message prompting the user to enter the required field’s information.

A standard data entry field that isn’t absolutely required will not have a red asterisk like other required fields, but it’s always best practice to fill in information as it’s available and leave as little empty as possible. Standard data entry fields are also called "optional fields".

Select Lists (Drop Down Lists)

Often times, for consistency in data entry, or a known list of items, a drop-down select list will be used. You can type to find the entry. Lists are typically sort either in alphabetic order, or the user of most-used (also called "display order").

Shuttle Box

A Shuttle Box permits you to select one or more or all items from a list. The resultant list can even be organized moving items up and down.

>> - moves all to the selected box on the right

> - moves current item to the selected box on the right

< - moves an item from the box of selected items to the de-selected side (un-select)

<< - moves all of the selected items to un-selected

The arrows on the far right permit the list to be ordered. This is not typically used in Tempest-GEMS.

Radio Buttons

Radio Buttons permit you to select one of several items.

Radio Buttons may be horizontal:

Radio Buttons may be vertical:

Check Boxes

Check Boxes permit you to select one or more items from a list. 


A switch works like a radio button except it has two options. These are normally yes/no.