Web Browsers

Tempest-GEMS runs in all modern browsers. But not all browsers or security settings are equal. US Federal employees and contractors often cannot see icon images when using Microsoft browsers such as Explorer or Edge ("the big blue E"). Google Chrome and Firefox occasionally are better behaved than Microsoft and Apple browsers.

Browser Back Button (bad!)

Don't use the browser's back button when working with a complex database application like Tempest-GEMS. It is best to use the Cancel or Previous buttons. 

Browser Refresh Button (Warning)

The browser refresh button can be ok to use, but maybe not. If doing data entry, it may cause the data you see to be lost. You may get a warning first (we hope, but maybe not). 

The browser refresh button is ok to use when looking at lists or other reports and you want to refresh it because new data is available, from some other users.

Just issuing a caution or warning on this button.

 Hamburger Menu

Starting in the upper left, let's get introduced to the "Hamburger Menu" (hey, it looks like a hamburger with bun, meat, and lettuce??).

This menu option allows you to hide/show the entire menu column. The menu is often hidden with using a small screen (mobile, tablet). When working on a larger screen, you may want more space and opt to hide the menu. Click the hamburger!

The Top Menu

Tempest-GEMS - The name of the application (just to make sure you are in the right place, I guess.

Organization - The name of your Organization appears in the upper left after Tempest-GEMS. 

(?) Help - Each (well most) page has its own help text. Click here to have a window appear with help.

Notes - The note feature.

State Dashboard - Some users may see "state dashboard" or other related applications linked here on the top menu. If you do not see this, don't worry. When clicking this button, the related service will appear. No additional login is required.

Username - A small menu that allows users to:

  • Logout
  • Change Passwords

The Side Menu / Navigation Menu

The side menu (navigation menu) changes based:

  • User Privileges
  • Applicant, Program, Grant Selected
  • Organization Settings

If your menu does not match the picture, then that is likely ok. Areas of the menu will also hide/show based on selections. Here is a sample of the menu:

Again if your menu is not exactly the same, that is OK!

In general, when selecting an Applicant, you work from the bottom up. When working with a grant, you work from the top down.

Chevron (show/hide)

The Chevron icon on the side menu will show regions (or hide them).


Applicant ("Map Pin" Icon)

The icon is called a "Map Pin". This menu name will change when (if) you change applicants. If you work for only one applicant, this name will never change. If you work with a consultant group or the state grantee organization, you may change applicants.

Organization (Flag Icon)

The Flag Icon will identify your organization. It is in this menu area that you can select Applicants (if permitted)


Green Buttons - add data, normally take you to a new page

Blue Buttons - These save data, confirm information, or otherwise update information. Most commonly these are located in the lower right corner of a page.

Gray Buttons - Normally benign in action. They cancel, return, refresh, or take you to the previous page. They do NOT save data and they do NOT delete/archive data. These are typically located in the lower left corner of a page.

Red Buttons - These delete or archive data. When you hit this button, you will be asked to confirm the action. Then the data will be archived. When archived, it is hidden and no longer available. Most users do NOT have the ability to see Red Buttons.