Tempest-GEMS Training Videos

Tempest-GEMS Training Videos

Training Videos

How To Prepare To Receive Emergency Funds

FEMA Quest: FEMA Grant Management Best Practices

FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program Lifecycle: How To Manage Disaster Relief Grants

FEMA Grant Management FEMA Public Assistance Category B Grant and the PAPPG

Are You Eligible For A FEMA Grant

Building Your Disaster Relief Grant Management Team: Key Grant Management Roles

Building Your Disaster Relief Grant Management Team: 6 Players You Don’t Want On Your Team

FEMA Grant Dos and Don’ts: How To Keep Your FEMA Grant Money

Simple Grant Management with Tempest-GEMS

The Role of States in the FEMA Grant Process: Simple Grant Administration

FEMA Small Grants: Are They for You?

FEMA Grant Accounting Basics: Setting Up for Labor, Equipment & Material Cost Reporting

FEMA Grant Accounting Basics: Labor Cost Reporting

FEMA Grant Accounting Basics: Small Purchases with Grant Funds

FEMA Grant Accounting Basics: How to Make Big Purchases With Grant Funds

Grant Management Basics: Reimbursement Requests

Grant Management Basics: How to Do Progress Reports for Grants

Using Grant Management Software

Managing Donations and Your Non-Federal Cost Share

Tempest-GEMS (Grant Management Software) Registration

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    • Training Videos

      Training Videos
    • Logging into TEMPEST-GEMS for the First Time

      Logging into TEMPEST-GEMS for the First Time When a user logs into Tempest-GEMS for the first time, the following image is what is normally displayed: (Note that the name LA ORM training is only an example; usually in its place will be the name of ...
    • Tempest-GEMS Close Out

      Introduction This is a 7 minute video on performing a grant close out in Tempest-GEMS. This process normally involves two parties: The sub-recipient (applicant) makes a Request to the grant administrator. The grant administration team then steps ...
    • Primera vez in TEMPEST-GEMS

      Ingresando por Primera vez en TEMPEST-GEMS Cuando un usuario ingresa por primera vez a TEMPEST-GEMS la página usualmente puede parecerse a la siguiente imagen, Note que el nombre de Añasco es solo para ejemplo, usualmente en su lugar aparecerá el ...
    • Organization Types in Tempest-GEMS

      Tempest-GEMS has four types of Organizations: Applicant State Grantee Agency Consultancy State-wide Consultancy Applicant This is the most common type of Organization. An Applicant (sub-recipient or sub-grantee in various U.S. federal publications) ...