This is a 7 minute video on performing a grant close out in Tempest-GEMS. This process normally involves two parties: The sub-recipient (applicant) makes a Request to the grant administrator. The grant administration team then steps through the Grant Close Out Workflow. This honors the principals of "segregation of duties".

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Hello, This is Christina Moore with the Tempest-GEMS team. We are going to examine the key steps to closing out a grant and we will use the FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program as an example. Following the rhythm of a cooking video, we will confirm that we know the objective, dish to make as it were, and that we have the key ingredients ready to go.

I am using Tempest-GEMS version 5. The process is the same with Tempest-GEMS version 4, except version 5 has a few more score cards, and provides better guidance on status, readiness, and such.


Are we ready for close out? Let's take a look at these numbers...$95,000... $85,000... we've been reimbursed $75,000. Let's do some ratios. What this should show me is that this is a 90% grant. I think it comes out with 89.99. There we go, 90%. A lot of FEMA grants are 75, this is a 90. So the numbers make sense to me. Let's take a quick look at the data. It is a road-and-bridge. I have an EMMIE PW number. I have got an application title. It is large. I have got a damage description, scope of work. All right, we've got numbers. We've got a grant now I am going to click Request.

Add Request

I am going to add a Request called a "Close Out".