Security Profiles

Security Profiles

Security Profiles (Tempest-GEMS)

The security profile determines the privilege levels and access that a user can have when performing tasks inside Tempest-GEMS.

Security profiles can have one or more “User Profiles”. Below, each user profile is described with the privilege level and the tasks that are allowed (from zero and upthe higher level is the most access).

  1. Grant Viewer

Level 0Read Only access.

  1. Grant Manager

Level 1The user would be able to Edit and Add data within the Grants area. For example, add transactions, upload documents etc.

  1. Grant Manager + Add Grant

Level 2The user would be able to Edit and Add data within the Grants area. For example, add transactions, upload documents etc. Also, edit and add grants.

  1. Grant Manager + Add Applicant + Program

Level 3The user would be able to Edit and Add data within the Grants area. For example, add transactions, upload documents etc. Also, edit and add applicants and programs/DRs.

Use the Grant Execution security profile as a guide and model when working with other security profiles. For example, the Software Settings or the Grant Administration profiles. 

security profile can be managed/edited through the classic report that is inside the Edit User page.

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