Levels (from lowest to highest)

**Please note: This field is only editable by a security profile of same level or above. The signed in user may only assign from a list of security profiles their own level and below.**

  • Team Member – Standard Tempest-Time user.
  • Timesheet Reviewer – Standard Tempest-Time user + Timesheet Review.
    • Must be Supervisor. This user can review timesheets for all users that have this user defined as their Supervisor.
  • QA Reviewer – Standard Tempest-Time user + QA Review.
    • This user has the ability to review time and expense entries in the QA Review menu.
  • Timesheet + QA – Standard Tempest-Time user + Timesheet Review + QA Review.
  • Basic Admin – Basic Admin functions, e.g. Invoicing, Admin Reports, etc.
  • Super Admin – Basic Admin functions + Timesheet Review + QA Review.

Security Profile rules can be referenced quickly on the Edit Asset page by clicking the help text (?) icon next to Security Profile drop-down.