To begin the QA process, click “view” under the card alerting you to the time or expense entries. You can also get to QA review from wherever you are in the application by going to the left-hand menu, opening the QA Review menu, and clicking “Expense and Time”.

When you go to the QA environment, you’ll see either time entries or expense entries, based on what you selected (if you clicked “Expense and Time” in the right-hand menu, though, expense entries will appear as a default):

You can easily alternate between time entries and expense entries by clicking the links at the top of the report. Also, using the options at the top of the screen, you can search by client, projects, employee, dates, and status (pending, approved, or rejected), or some combination of each of these things, and then clicking search.

When you have the list of entries that you want, you can then begin reviewing them. To get more information on an entry, click the number in the column labeled “Activity #”. This will display a popup window with more data. You can then decide to approve or reject the entry, using the options at the right of the column:

If you want to approve, click the green check box. It will disappear, leaving only the red X, in case you change your mind and decide to reject the entry instead. “Pending Approval” will appear in the QA Review Status column.

When you reject an entry, you will be asked to enter a comment. Enter something to let the user/employee know why their time or expense entry was rejected:

Click save. The red “X” will disappear, leaving the green check box, in case you decide to approve the entry instead. “Pending Rejection” will appear in the QA Review Status column:

When you’ve approved or rejected anything, a green “Submit” button will appear at the top of the report:

Nothing you have done will be saved until you click “Submit.” You should click this button after you have approved and/or rejected the entries you were intending to review. After you have submitted your work, the entry/entries you approved and/or rejected will disappear from the screen showing pending entries. The entry/entries will appear, however, when you do a search for “Approved” or “Rejected” entries, based on how you mark them.

As you can see from the image above, the entry we rejected now appears when we search for rejected entries. Clicking on the word cloud image under the “Comment” column will show the comment you made in rejecting.

Any entry you have approved will then be locked, meaning that the employee is no longer able to make changes. If an entry is rejected, the employee will receive a notification when he or she logs into his or her account:

The user can then click “View” to see the entries:

The comments you made will appear under QA Comments. The user can than either correct the entry or delete it by click on the corresponding number in the “Activity #” column. The user will be taken to the screen for that expense or time entry:

On that screen, s/he can delete the expense or update and add a comment to QA. When you log back into your account, you will be notified of an expense entry in your dashboard (unless another QA staff person has already dealt with it). You will then be able to review, approve, or reject:

Clicking in the word clouds in the comment box will display the user’s comments to QA now, as shown above. The process can go back and forth as many times as necessary, until an appropriate resolution (either the entry is fully correct or is deleted by the user).