Step 3

  1. Enter your username, typically your company/government email address.
  2. Work through the Google reCaptcha process ("I'm not a robot")
  3. Click Reset Password

Step 4

Go to your email, and wait. You will get an email from

After you get this email, copy the email address. Then return to:

  2. Enter your username
  3. Paste or type your password

Step 5

You are done and into the system. Save your password, or use the menu option to update your password. The update password option is found in the upper right corner in the blue menu. Click your name to show a menu. Then click password.

Password must be:

  • 10 characters long
  • Contain 1 alpha character (A-z)
  • Contain 1 numeric character (0-9)
  • Contain 1 punctuation character
  • Contain 1 upper case
  • Contain 1 lower case
  • Cannot contain the username
  • Cannot contain key/prohibited words
  • Cannot be too similar to previous password

What Went Wrong?

Wrong Username

The most common issue is that people use the wrong email address. Maybe they started with a public email service like Gmail or Yahoo. It may be that the username is not the same as the email address. 

Spam/Junk Email

The second most common issue is that the email from support landed in spam. Check junk and spam email folders.

Added Space

The third most common issue is that the user copied the password with an extra space at the end or the beginning. To troubleshoot this issue, open notepad and paste the password there. Then highlight/copy again from the notepad.

Bad Password

While very rare, it is possible for Tempest-GEMS to generate a password that actually fails. It used an illegal character or something odd. it maybe worth trying the process exactly once more. 

It is probably better to engage Customer Service at