When a user logs into Tempest-GEMS for the first time, the following image is what is normally displayed:

(Note that the name LA ORM training is only an example; usually in its place will be the name of the Sub-recipient that the user belongs to.) 


  1. Click on the name of the Sub-recipient that contains the flag icon to the left. 



  1. The body of the page will change to display the name of the Sub-recipient. Click en the box to select the Sub-recipient.

  1. A window will open. Click on the blue Select this Applicant button.


  1. Check the square next to the program you wish to work on.


  1. Now, confirm that you can see the available grants. 


Congratulations on your first visit to Tempest-GEMS!

For customer service, please email support@storm-petrel.com

Para soporte al cliente, puede escribirnos al correo electrónico: soporte@storm-petrel.com