Due to Tempest Time’s ability to bill by multiple saved rates in the system, you must first choose where Tempest Time will get the billing rates before invoicing. This is set up within Administration > Clients. 

  1. First, select the Edit pencil next to the Client to be invoiced. 


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Client page, and select what type of Bill By to use, there are 4 options: 


1. Asset Rates – This is the rate set up for the individual employee and can be found in Administration > Assets 

2. Client Rate Table – This is a table of rates set up specifically applying to one client. This is set up on the same page, in the Client Rates tab. 

 3. Organization Rates – This is set up within Organization Settings in Administration. These rates are not specific to an employee or a client, but to a Labor Category. 

 Click on Billing Rates to Add, Edit, or remove a billing rate. 

4. (Least Used) Project Rates – This is a FLAT rate for all employees, specific to one project and can be set in Administration > Programs + Projects > More…